Superwoman- A title that burdens a woman?

We speak of the modern culture of cities in India. We proudly talk about our women and girl children being independent and able to take care of themselves.

But, are they really empowered? Does empowerment of women only mean girls being allowed to wear short dresses, smoke and drink with boys and roam around late at night? What a pathetic way of empowering such precious ladies!

It is remarkable that women are now scaling great heights in every field and soaring high in their careers. However, the society’s mindset is yet to be changed. Why is it that only a woman is blamed if the house is not kept tidy or if the children are not fed well? Why is a woman compelled to get up and make tea if guests arrive, while the husband just sits?

This is the unfair and unjust scenario we live in. Women are expected to perform excellently in their careers, AND take care of the house.

Let us ponder upon this, and find effective solutions to solve this kind of gender inequality, at least for the sake of our future generations, so that they may not have to worry about being Superwomen.

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